New domain zones *.coin and *.emc. Preliminary registration is opened

Currently we have started preliminary registration of domain records in domain zones “.coin” and “.emc”.

So, if you wish to pre-register your domain(s), please send the request to for preliminary registration. The request should contain domain names(s), and EMC-address to which we could transfer ownership. The ownership address can be any EMC-address from your wallet program.

We reserve right to deny any request if consider it to be squatting or malicious action. Any email from public e-mail services (,, etc) will not be honored.

Pretty soon, in the mid of October, we are going to release new version of EmerCoin wallet 0.3.0. The new version will contain an important improvement, the fundamentally new infrastructure subsystem - Name-Value Storage. The subsystem will provide bunch of services (watch further updates), including distributed DNS, like it is implemented in NameCoin, but with more advanced features.

The ownership will be transferred in 1 week since new version of wallet will be released. After official release anyone will be able to register domain(s).

Initial domain registration will be free, and issued for 120 days.