Need Peerunity software for OSX 10.6

hi, Peercoin community.

QT & Peerunity wallets are only available for the lastest versions of Mac. OSX10.9

Does anyone know if these wallets could be made for older Versions of OSX?
I’m running OSX 10.6.8

Obviously, the simple solution is to update my OSX software (not possible due to hardware)

anyone who knows if there are versions available for older OSX systems, please direct a link


There aren’t, and supporting them isn’t something that we plan to do. If there are others in the community would would like to work on creating those binaries for the few users who need them, we can discuss getting them vetted and distributed, but we’re (the Peerunity development volunteers) stretched too thin as it is already and cannot dedicate resources to do it.

Well, I guess that’s bad news all around. Welcome to the forums, anyway! :slight_smile:

OSX 10.6 is not maintained by Apple anymore. This operating system is highly insecure. It would be suicide to run a single wallet on it, so it’s a very good thing that Peerunity doesn’t support this OS (preventing users from doing something stupid :slight_smile: ).

Apple (AAPL) has stopped issuing updates for Mac OS X 10.6, known as Snow Leopard. That means the company won't be sending out software fixes to protect you from hackers and computer viruses.

The only alternative I can think of is if someone wants to build their own version of Peerunity on their 10.6.x machine. You could try to see if the instructions from Peercoin core 0.3 work on 10.6.x for Peerunity: (for the ‘peerunityd’ daemon) (for the Peerunity QT wallet application)

We can help with troubleshooting or identifying error messages you may get, but without a dedicated 10.6 machine*, I can’t attempt even attempt to replicate any issues. :frowning:

  • I don’t believe VirtualBox or VMware VMs offer support for OSX 10.6, but I may not have seen the latest notes on this.