Need help with minting


I’m new to Peercoin minting.

I know that we need to wait 30 days then we can mint.
I’m mining Peercoin and get about 0.1-0.2 Peercoin per day.
I also exchange other coins to Peercoin.

Now my question is should I wait until I get a lot of coins and then send it to 1 address and mint or is it ok to mint with 200x0.1 Peercoins
Mint probability is way to low to mint that 0.1 peercoin, I will never get a reward, or am I wrong?

Also can I send from PP…zk to PP…zk (same address) so all my coins are in the same ins or what’s it called to have higher mint probability or do I need to create a new address and then send that to the new address on peerunity.

One more question, how many peercoins do you think I should have for minting.

Great to be a part of Peercoin community.

Thanks in advance.

you can calculate your mint probability with

in the long term it should not matter if you have 200x0.1 PPC or 1x20 PPC
when you mint, the client sometimes splits the outputs, so you will get more, even if you start with everything in one

it seems with 0.1 PPC there is about 4% chance to mint in a block 1 year, yes I think it is way too low to mint with that amount, but I dont know what should be minimum, it depends on difficulty

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Thanks for you answer.

What about sending from PP…kz to PP…kz (same address)?

you can write getdifficulty in the debug window, or look at the PoS chart

sending to the same address should also be possible, although I think it is better (also for privacy reasons) to send to a new address

One last question, lets say I have 1000 Peercoin in same output.
All new minted coins will be in the same output as those 1000 coins after 30 days (if the client doesn’t split them in 2 outputs)?

yes, indeed

Sometimes it splits into 2 outputs. I would suggest you dont move the coins until you want to spend them, just mint whatever outputs you have. When you make any transaction you have to spend fees and destroy some coin days, so it’s best to mint immediately with whatever outputs you have instead of trying to aggregate them or anything.

(Basically, irritant said it right)

I have a lot of 0.1 and 0.2 but also some bigger outputs.

Hope it counts towards my total not only the bigger outputs.

Thanks for helping, now I know a little bit more about minting :slightly_smiling_face:

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It all adds up. Having 100 ppc in one output is basically the same as having 1000 outputs with 0.1 ppc each. There are statistical differences, but the averages and stuff work out the same.

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