Need help setting up with mining

I’m new to ppcoin mining, I have downloaded the wallet and I’m having a devil of a time trying to set up my usb miners, I’ve attempted to use the coinotron site have filled in most of the blanks…apart from the add worker section, do I use any name for the worker and do I need a specific password ( I have tried adding both to no success).
After having tried my hand at this ( for a few hours…OCD is a pain), I have decided to ask the community to help me, I have no idea where and or how to start my miners ( I used to mine on bitminter but 3 ghz isn’t cost effective with the price of electricity going up in the United Kingdom).

Thank you for reading this and a bigger thank you if you can help me out… Be warned though I am not overly clever with computers.


Edit: Correct me if I’m wrong, but these USB miners cannot be used to mine Primecoin, only Peercoin/Bitcoin etc?

Good luck :slight_smile: