Need help restoring peerunity wallet

I first had a peerunity wallet on my mac. I then bought a windows. I downloaded peerunity again. I put the old peerunity.dat file onto a usb stick. I then went to my windows and went to this location: c:\users\username\appdata\roaming

Selected Peerunity file and deleted the .dat file there. I dropped in my old peerunity .dat in. I opened peerunity but it still shows a balance of 0.

I check back at the same location: c:\users\username\appdata\roaming and the .dat file of the new peerunity wallet pops back up again and my old peerunity .dat file is sitting there too.

Did I miss a step?

You mean wallet.dat right?

Note that you also should wait for the blockchain to download.

If you still have a working peerunity with the right balance, worst comes to worst you can dumpprivkey on the old and importprivkey on the new for each address with a balance. This is not the ideal solution, however.

Yea. When I saved it from the old peerunity wallet I renamed it “peerunitybackup.dat”

The new peerunity wallet shows “wallet.dat” and keeps reappearing.

It has to be named ‘wallet.dat’ for it to work. Keep the backup named whatever, but rename it after you copy it in.

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Oh ok thanks. Got it and it worked.

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