Mycelium Wallet

Mycelium Wallet are open to support Peercoin in the future. :pearcoin:

In an interview ( ) the guys developing the Mycelium Wallet ( ) says that they see a future where they support AltCoins using a plugin architecture.

Developing “our own” Android wallet and maintaining it is a resource intense businesses. Especially if you are going to implement and maintain the “coin trading feature” they have and so forth and so on. Also, I would personally rather use a wallet where I can deal with many different coins, instead of only one. I also think it’s a win to have Peercoin on their wallet, for people who are unaware that Peercoin even exists but when they do hear about it, they already have support for it on their phone.

I think we should ensure that Mycelium Wallet add support for Peercoin and that we should reach out to them. Perhaps peer4commit could be used to provide the means for this.

What say you?

@Cybnate, may I ask why this project has no updates since 10th Mar.2014? Is this project stopped?

Good question, it is very quiet. Initially they said they had other priorities. The project is basically waiting for work done upstream. I’ve asked for an update.

Please check out the issue about it here: