My Transition from Peercoin Day to Day -- It's been an amazing experience

Hey all,

If you haven’t had a chance to see my updates in the Miami thread, I encourage you to take a peek. I spoke to so many movers and shakers in the industry on behalf of Peercoin, it was truly an amazing opportunity and one that should continue in months to come!

Some of the regulars (including Sunny King) already know, however, I wanted to make a quick post to everyone else about my transition. January 30th will be my last official day representing Peercoin on day to day activities. I will still be a volunpeer that will contribute whenever possible, however, time will shift to about 5%. It’s been such a fun, fufilling experience these past few months, I’m so proud to see us as the #3 coin and basically a household name in the crypto community.

I’m leaving under the absolute best of terms. I’ve partnering with a few friends to form a start-up called CoinTropolis. Essentially we’ll be the bridge between the crypto communities and the outside world. As with any start-up, there is so much work to do… I’m nervous and excited to get my hands dirty. I look forward to keeping close tie to the Peercoin community and ultimately keep supporting your efforts the best I can, when I can. I’m a huge fan of PoS (Peer, Nxt, Bitshares etc…) and will always be around to assist.

No worries about the transition, I’ll make sure all volunpeer info and other contacts are transferred over to Fuzzy and the team. I’m a lifelong supporter… I really appreciate you inviting me into your community. So much good is about to come out of the Bitcoin Conference, I can’t wait to see where you are at in the next few months!! I have business cards and a banner to forward to the next rep at a Bitcoin Conference.


Thanks John. You’ve done a lot of good for the Peercoin communtiy. Glad to know we’ll still be seeing you around and I wish you the best with CoinTropolis.

This is coinciding with the discussion several of us been having - it’s time to kick Peercoin’s marketing up several notches. The community needs to come together and decide what positions PPC needs most and start at the very least expressing interest in hiring them. I’m hoping Sunny King will start to have a little more interaction with the community, providing guidance and a clear picture as to PPC’s goals.

Thanks John, your work for the Peercoin community has been invaluable. We can only hope we can get someone else to do a similar job.

Wish you a lot of luck with your new endeavour and it’s good to hear to still have a lifelong supporter.

@Yurizhai, I agree with need to up the ante. However for real part-time or full-time positions we need:

  1. Find someone suitable (preferably more than one)
  2. Secure the funding for that

The second part requires some large coinholders to come to the party. To tease them it would be good to present them with some potential plan going forward.
With my webwallet poll, I’m gauging the level of interest in any potential developments or plans we have. I guess we need to launch a few more of those to find our focus.

Really appreciate the help! Good luck man!

Thanks JBT, I appreciate what you have done for the Peercoin community. I wish your new start up CoinTropolis all the best.


Goodluck JBT! Thanks for the effort that you’ve done previously.

Without you, we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are right now. We were a scattered community with no direction. You gave us that direction and motivation and here we are today. Thank you for everything you’ve done! It’s time for all of us to pick up the slack.

Also, I agree with Yurizhai. We need to start figuring out how we’re going to market Peercoin and bring in the necessary people to do that. As the price of Peercoin rises, it will become easier to afford to pay them for their work. If it means getting our name out there many many times more than it is now, I think it’s worth it. There are better ways to use good news to our advantage than bumping a thread on Bitcointalk. We need people that can help us figure out what they are. Once we figure this out, we can use our social media influence to help raise the funds. If it means getting our marketing in order and becoming more effective, I’m sure people will help out, especially if they have a lot invested.

Thanks JBT. Live long and prosper. Hope Peercoin ecosystem can keep its upward momentum which you helped to start.

Thanks John. I am thinking of throwing a meetup for Chinese PPCers or potential PPC players around April . Could you share the PPT or posters for PPC?