My Pc crashed Are my peercoins gone now?

My pc crashes today . and my backup is on that windows.
And i cant come on my windows anymore so the only thing i can do was instal a new version of windows. but now i get lost everything what to do now ?

you did not format your hard disk?
windows may have moved your old data to C:\Windows.old\ , look for wallet.dat in there
normally the location is %APPDATA%\Peercoin

i have fotmat the disk

Why did you format it?
It’s like saying your house’s front door broke down and you had some valuable stuff inside. So you decided to demolish your house rebuild it and then figure out if you can find your stuff between the debris inside the container.

First you made the mistake not having a backup and then you formatted it.
These are two factors that significantly reduce your chances of recovering your keys.

Now you’ll need some specialized tools to scan your disk for removed files.

If you can’t find back your keys or your wallet.dat, your coins will be lost forever.

In future always keep multiple external backups of your private keys and wallet.dat files. I have my crypto wallets backed up on several media so if my computer goes down i can be reasonably sure i will regain access to my coins.

You can try using a file recovery tool to get back your wallet.dat file but that is not very likely to work.

If you want, I’ll give you my private keys…jokes aside, look good, maybe you’ve written them somewhere. If not, you made a big mistake. Personally I write them in 2,3 places. Goog luck!