My ide please correct me if I am wrong

Hello I am very new on the mining scene, I do however believe I am computer savvy. Okay lets begin haha…
I just bought a 5gh bfl (not here yet) and intended to mine bitcoin. After some research I would prefer to mine ppcoin, I am just after some confirmation on my plan. Basically I want to take a risk and mine ppcoin because I think one day ppcoin could be worth more. I plan to use the 5gh bfl and raspberry pi, that is possible right? I am pretty sure I am right as I heard that the bfl can mine ppcoin.

yes you can use ras pi to control bfl. a lot of threads on bitcointalk about it

but It would probably give you more coins if you sell the bfl and buy coins from the money, instead of mining with it.

yes you can use ras pi to control bfl :pearcoin: :pearcoin: :pearcoin: