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Hello all,

I am a long-time PPC holder and believe Proof of Stake (and future iterations) are the protocols that truly represent what Crypto was meant to be.

I have recently purchased a community Mumble Server in hopes of providing a means of overriding a trend with Pay-to-Play conferences that I believe creates incentives that centralize power and hurts the overall cryptocommunity. It is free to you (though I will accept anonymous donations) and to any other cryptocurrency communities who wish to help us push past Bitcoin as the primary cryptocurrency of the world. Though I hold a few of them, I feel POW in and of itself creates powerful monopolies of force (hashing) that do not secure the ecosystem from the bad actors from which crypto was meant to free society. If anything, a POW world is likely more dangerous in the long run.

With that said, I hope you will invite your community to the server and use it for Devs to schedule meetups and conferences that provide open source content (as opposed to the current scene where conferences own the content you provide).

We will eventually have our own Beyond Bitcoin podcast and will used archived footage from the Mumble meetups and Dev Voice Hangouts, along with one-on-one interviews to help you get the word out!

If you are interested, here is the login information:

Label: BeyondBitcoin
Port: 2077
Username: “[glow=red,2,300]Your Forum Handle Here[/glow]”
Password: w0rldCh@NG3rsUN!t3

Please stop in and stay awhile. Feel free to send any problems or concerns to me via my email at:

P.S. I am always looking for trusted representatives from the community to act as ambassadors/moderators/coordinators…this is a LOT of work to do alone!

Good job fuznuts, it will be great to voice chat with peercoiners( I don’t use skype, nor g*voice), so bumping.

Thnx man. I just think legitimate “altcoins” with legitimate innovation and Devs who care about the projects could really benefit from working together to produce inclusive alternatives to Bitcoin’s evergrowing exclusivity. I might have a surprise before long for you guys that will make most of your forum log into the server before long…but i’ll leave the specifics as yet undisclosed as I do not want to make promises that are not at least 99.9% certain. It seems to be getting there though.

This will be a great resource for the community. Thank you for standing it up! I’ll drop by when I get a chance and say, “hello” :slight_smile:

Please stop in and stay awhile.

This is the part I don’t understand, fuznuts, looking for some help…

For instance, you download the mumble client, you create a new connection to the server, and successfully connect. (This is the easy part)

Now you see 8 or 9 people sitting there idle, no one is talking, you don’t talk. After about 10 to 15 minutes of nothing happening, you disconnect and wonder how this all works and what the value is in it.

I do see that you have some talks scheduled on Tuesday / Saturday, but how does this work during the other times?

I wonder how of any of us can help get a conversation going. I’m use to logging in and seeing the 8 or 9 idle / dead people? A new user sees this and goes silent too. That’s counter productive.

I really love the idea of a voice chat server. But not sure how to get real talk going.

[quote=“ppcman, post:5, topic:2278”]

Please stop in and stay awhile.

I really love the idea of a voice chat server. But not sure how to get real talk going.[/quote]
Lol, I couldn’t resist: :slight_smile:

Have fun.

Sorry for taking so long to respond. I am BUSY lately!

At first this will be pretty idle. We (as in I, but trying to not to convey ownership) just started the server about 3-4 weeks ago so primarily it is used for meetups atm. The “I” previously mentioned started growing as people who cared about the same tenets as I began joining–and thus become a true “we” in the present. Even now I have people behind the scenes helping my nublet ass to actually accomplish much of what is happening. So now Beyond Bitcoin Mumble will be turning into much more…but some of it will also depend on what others are willing to sacrifice to make it happen–I will not own this after we have a “Round Table” of crypto crews in allegiance.

Eventually we will have enough people on the Mumble Server to form conferences. I am setting up a blog page too, and Legend, the voice of Beyond Bitcoin, will be hosting hangouts and podcasts with regular contributors of content over time. So if you record a podcast and you don’t have a “talkshow host” please feel free to pm me and I’ll help you get it to him for posting–and I’ll make the connection so I no longer have to be a middleman (I prefer middlemen to be voluntary sorts). We will then have multiple “feeds” from different crypto-journalists and news posts related both directly and indirectly to cryptocurrency, cryptoequities, and the broader cryptoindustry.

So my personal opinion would be that to most effectively utilize this at first, you will want to have a couple members who serve as “Beyond Bitcoin Representatives” who can set up Mumble Meetups and Post Threads to the BeyondBitcoinShow subreddit and here in the General Section of the Peercoin forum so community members ask questions and/or vote on the ones to be asked to presenters. I will give the necessary rights on the server for them to do their thing.

Thanks for the appreciation guys and gals.

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