MULTICRYPTOS investment game STARTED! best win x20


[size=15pt]We present MULTICRYPTOS a new type of investment and gambling site.
If you are tired of ponzi scams but you like to risk your coins in order to win large amounts, this game suites perfectly you!

These are some of the main features of MULTICRYPTOS:

  1. Invest any amount and +35 currencies.
  2. No time waiting, no plans, withdraw whenever you want.
  3. No limits on winnings, win x2, x10, x100 or even more!
  4. All data is public, you know pefectly how coins are distributed.

To invest and play is very easy:[/size]

[size=18pt]1. Deposit.
Create an investment by selecting currency, amount, payout address and sending the coins. Your amount is converted to shares (1 share = 1BTC).

2. Earn.
For any new incoming investment, you receive the proportional part depending on how many shares you have.

3. Payout / Reinvest.
Your investment expires after 101 hours and you receive an automatic payout. However you can request the payout before the expiration or reinvest your balance.[/size]

[center][size=18pt]Create account and be the first to invest! [/size][/center]


[center][size=20pt]PPC and XPM accepted[/size][/center]

To the moon! 100% winners, no losers, everyone will become rich. (just kidding)

another ponzi? >:(
and why this was in tweeter?

Let’s wait for the admin’s explanation.

Twitter because auto-tweet. I’m removing the RT.