Multi currency wallet?

Do I need a different wallet for different currency’s… example: one wallet for PPC, one wallet for BTC, etc. ???

I found this one: which currently accepts/sores 9 different coins

Anybody using it??? Pros/Cons

I Haven’t tryed it Myself…However i feel a lot more Secure using the Recommended Wallet QT for each Coin…i have found that storing a lot of my different Coins with Vircurex Exchange is a good idea… as they Pay Interest on Certain Coin Balances

“Earn interest on BTC, LTC and PPC account balances
We now pay interest on BTC, LTC and PPC account balances, they are paid multiple times every day. Check out the help for details.”

Hope this Helps you mugwampbro

link to Vircurex with my Referral i’ll get a little coin if you use it

link without Referral

I know there is a multi wallet u can get from the official btc site, was asking this developer to expand to include ppc. I would not trust the wallet u linked with large balances or at leasst some testing. Vircurex is good like the post prior mentions but do keep any real serious amounts on the website, they have been hacked in the past and people lost their coins

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Thanks all for the advice guys ! Plan to store coins in offline (multiple) wallets and am just looking for one wallet to do this with. In order to have one wallet do this now, I would have to convert all different types coins into one type of coin then store. To trade I would have to pull out and then convert. Lotta hassle !! PPC will be my main coin (can’t afford BTC) , so until BTC site (wallet) includes PPC, it won’t do me much good… but I’ll be checking it periodically …(thanks Fuzzy)… and when they do I’ll let you know…and vice-versa hopefully.

I’m not saying you should trust this wallet, but Ufasoft has been in the crypto-currency business for a long time. I definitely recognize their name.