MtGox: "We Have Plans of Implementing PPC."

Vindimy posted this response from MtGox in chat. This is direct confirmation they’ll be adding Peercoin. I haven’t seen any responses like this before where they specifically mention adding Peercoin…

“Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for the email and sorry for the delay in response. We have plans of implementing PPC. Once implemented we would surely make an official announcement. For further assistance do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards, Mt.Gox Team”


I sent another request to them trying to back up this rumor :wink:
Let’s see what they answer!

[quote=“masterOfDisaster, post:3, topic:1148”]I sent another request to them trying to back up this rumor :wink:
Let’s see what they answer![/quote]

I trust Vindimy, but it would be good to have further confirmation. Let us know what you here back.

It’s not because of distrust to Vindimy that I asked mtgox for PPC.
It’s rather because of distrust to mtgox - I want to know whether there’s a kind of endurance in their statements :wink:
I’ll report back once I have an answer!

I’m holding off on Tweeting for that reason…news that big needs multiple confirmations first.

I really doubt that. I remember seeing Mt.Gox testing ticker of LTC and NMC, but not with PPC, although I would love to see that happen.

That was a long time ago though. Peercoin has since rebranded itself, developed a strong community and passed Namecoin in market cap by a lot.

thats great news 8)

Crossing dem fingers.

Coin trade is lucrative business for exchanges, after all they make money on trading – bull and bear, crash and breakout etc. LTC/BTC, LTC/USD, NMC/BTC, NMC/USD are big bucks to be made. Why not PPC/BTC and PPC/USD— it the third largest in Market cap. Question is when? But I am sure that PPC will be in Major exchanges (BTCChina, MtGox, BitStamp) before end of 1st quarter or, Mid 2014 :slight_smile:

This would be huge, for now they only propose BTC and Fiat.

I am waiting for cross confirmation of this.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until MtGox (and other exchanges!) will trade PPC. MtGox is waiting for its “Midas” trading engine to finish but once that’s out of the way it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to add new currency pairs (after all, there’s not a much difference between BTC, LTC, PPC, XPM and the others). Some exchanges like btc-e are already trading PPC and I’m confident once the order amount there is high enough the other exchanges will follow (because they want make money of course)

Give us a screenshot of the email please.

What specific trading pairs they are implementing? Will it just be PPC/Fiat like it is for BTC right now? Or are they planning to implement crypto/crypto trading pairs as well? See if you can ask them these questions and get a confirmation on that. :slight_smile:


Here’s the screenshot people have been looking for…

Thanks Vindimy, looks great!

Finally I received a reply. Took for ages. Here comes the text as well as a screenshot of it.

    Dear valued customer,

    Sorry for the delay on replying. Due to the high volume in support requests we were unable to answer swiftly.

    There are plans to implement other crypto-currencies in the future. However none of these are currently confirmed. We will have your suggestion forwarded to our management team for further consideration. We will post an announcement once this is available.

    Best regards,

    Mt.Gox Team

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    Please visit]

December 26, 2013 00:57

Sounds like it’s just a generic reply this time.

These exchange platform willn’t survive if they don’t add altcoins to their trading list.