MtGox effect on Peercoin

The below was posted on the Forum recently (by lumierre). I am interested in people’s views on his prediction. I had heard that MtGox was of declining volume. Is MtGox larger than BTC-e, large enough to affect the price of coins, if it adopts them?

When just PPC/USD was added on, PPC/BTC ratio almost tripled within 24 hours at one point. Note that trading volume in is just a tenth of mtgox. If PPC was added to mtgox, at the very least, the value might multiply 30 fold instantly <<<<<

MtGox needs to worry, no us to worry.

Agree, would rather see Bitstamp exchange adding PPC. Sometimes double the volume of Mt.Gox.

It’s hard to predict what it would do for the value of the coin. Usually higher volumes translate into higher value. It is what I call a secondary effect. Due to increased availability, the usage of the coin would grow which translates in to increase of value. Good marketing (e.g. press coverage) at the same time is important to realise the potential.