Move IRC channel from #ppcoin to #peercoin [DONE]

Since “PPCoin” is being eradicated in favor of “Peercoin” the IRC channel should catch up. We are already some people in #peercoin, and TheSeven has control of both channels.

First step is to change the text under ”News” on PeercoinTalk. Currently “Join us in IRC”. If other references are known, they should be changed as well.

I suggest: “Join us in our IRC channel #peercoin @ Freenode!”

Join us in our IRC channel [url=]#peercoin @ Freenode[/url]!

I or someone else notify TheSeven who changes the topic in #ppcoin to urge people to join #peercoin instead.

I think that is all that’s necessary. I’ll advertise #peercoin in /r/Peercoin as well.

Yeah I fully support this idea and will see if I can catch theseven and ask him to update the node


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Is it possible to register my name on there so nobody impersonates me? I have to enter my nickname every time I enter IRC, so anyone could enter my name and impersonate me. How am I supposed to know if I’m really talking to somebody from the forum if anybody can use their name?

Update what? He told me he will change topic in the channel and later perhaps redirect #ppcoin to #peercoin when known public links to #ppcoin are updated.

Type, modify, and press Enter.

/msg nickserv register SuperPassphrase

Next time you join you will have to identify yourself with the passphrase you’ve chosen.

/msg nickserv identify SuperPassphrase