Moolah and Prelude


Added to Facebook. We do need this. I think a lot of people might not know about

I noticed that peercoin on reddit, do not list moolah. Moolah sites does not day anything about peercoin; maybe one has to login first?!

Thanks for the tip, Ill create an account there asap.

It looks like is used by nobody…

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[quote=“masterOfDisaster, post:4, topic:2225”]It looks like is used by nobody…[/quote]

They are a pretty new company, founded by someone in the Doge community as far as I know.

I think they pull these little stunts to get each community to start using them more. There are very few other options for altcoin payment processors though…GoCoin is the only one that I know of and they don’t accept Peercoin either.

I read it a bit ago that the moola thing pulled a scam on doge commu, not sure if we should trust them

Do you have a link, Romerun? I think it would be relevant to figure out if it’s something we should be concerned about or not.