hi i m just new here, i was intressed by Pos coins, and minting so i began almost a month ago with put some coins in the wallet and set my wallet on minting.
i did recieved some more coins in my wallet but these are not in the minting balance.
how could i get them al minting?

When you mint, and find a block with a piece of your coins, your coins go from your balance to the “minting” balance. That’s only temporary for a few days, then they go back to your regular, spendable balance. So you may have missed the days they were in the “minting” balance.

Correct. You should be able to see the transactions where they were added from the “Transactions” tab

thanks i ment new coins but i think it works the same and wait a few days?

yes i see them in transactionballans but they are not minting yet.

it takes 30 days for coins until they are able to mint