Minor suggestions for forum


Compared to some other forums there is a lot of info on the main page of Peercointalk, maybe it might be good to get rid of some things? Just some ideas:

  1. Hide moderators.

[s]2. Consolidate Alt-Coins, Forum Technical and Suggestions, and Peercoin/Primecoin Local into one section on main page. This would take a lot of space off and make things less complicated. Really quick mock-up of what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/dZKWupy.png

  1. Move NuBits & Nushares board to child board under Peershares: DAOs & DACs board. Has only had one post in over six months. The Proposals for Funding child board under Marketing could be removed as it is deprecated.[/s]

  2. I also noticed many forums have nicer and easier-to-read fonts. Not sure what font to change it to though.


I agree. Good idea. I would make forum more readable.


Good idea.


I don’t know much about fonts but just looked up a few things. This forum currently uses verdana. Nu forum uses roboto. Other options could be ubuntu or helvetica neue.


+1 for Ubuntu fonts.


Ubuntu DejaVu Sans


note re fonts of the forum