Hello iam new to mining and here can you mine with a antminer s3 that was used for bitcoin it has sha-256


Thanks do you know if any good mining pools to join

Ecoining seems to be the top ppc pool at the moment so you should join them. Also the antminer s3 was released 3 years ago so it is possible you will not be able to generate profit due to more efficient miners on the network.

Pools which I’ve used in the past :, also
My S1 is presently mining to the ppc pool of
so I am confident that your S3 can be made to do the same.
I had swapped in an updated cgminer.
If you are as slow as I am, you should set aside a few hours to mess with emails to confirm accounts, copying destination addresses of several altcoins to point to your local wallet(s) and/or altcoin depositing addresses of one of the exchanges, such as And how many times does one have to tick “I am not a robot” and do some tricks to teach their robots some commercially useful visual recognition skills ?