Mining questions

Hi all,

Sunny already told that there will be a miner integrated in the wallet. So for the beginning everyone has to mine solo.

I have a few questions about the mining process:

How much will the memory affect the miming rate? I expect nearly no influence, but I don’t know.

What do you expect will be the ratio between CPU and GPU as soon as there is a GPU miner?

Do you expect it as easy, to build FPGAs for Primecoin? Or is it as complex as it is for LTC?


I am throwing a computer together to run this. I am also wondering if ram speed or quantity have a large effect on hash rates? Also, I assume it will use all cores/threads available?
4770k and M6Gene will be up and running. ;D

You will most likely be able to set the amount of threads you want to use, so you don’t have your CPU floored out and unusable while mining.

I don’t believe FPGAs will be a worry at first, just people with server farms that can throw a couple hundred CPU cores in to mining Primecoin.