Mining Operation

I’d like to fund a mining operation with the goal of emulating the operations run by Cognitive Mining. Profit is not my motive. I see it as a way of contributing to part of a growing infrastructure. Let me know if you’re interested.

In the spirit of transparency, would you care to post more details about what you have planned? Thanks.

Sure. My first step is that I want to find someone trustworthy who is willing to work with me in organizing a good mining operation. I will contribute funding and oversight. The other person will contribute expertise and enthusiasm.

Whether or not there would be a follow-on IPO is a down the road issue. The number one thing would be just doing the best mining operation we can without wasting too much money!

My objective is to have a hobby project focused on ppcoin so that my interest stays involved and I can go on learning. I’ve always found that learning comes fastest when doing. This is not a money-making venture for me.

I’m looking for a partner because I’m a busy guy with my real business.

Obviously, I’m going to have to place a lot of trust in that person.

Hope that helps.

Oof, you are asking a not easy thing…

I’m currently busy designing proper boards for the Avalon ASICs, as I found the original ones grossly, grossly inadequate. Avalon is a design which combines the 1970’s simplicity of protocols and communication with more recent 110nm TSMC G process (G as for general use).

I’m doing the design phase, as I can do that… one friend is so far the major would-be investor, and is in charge of obtaining the Avalon chips as soon as they appear anywhere. I hope to have HW and SW ready by then. The system is to be properly cooled, not just the laa-li-daa system it has in the original modules.

Oh… the ‘investor’ is a friend of slush, so he would be the one to talk to about running a proper operation.

What my design aims is to “maximize the potential” - as much as that is a buzzword, it is part of the economy. A chip that does 280MHash/s on 1W of power is much less worthy than a chip that does 350MHash/s on 5W of power. Even then the ratio is good enough.

I have a long history of cooling and power supply designs, use, tuning. I’m adding high-speed circuits on the go. Overall, the module I’m designing will remind you much of the IBM bipolar mainframe era, it just won’t have modules filled with helium.

What scale operation (Ghash/s) are you looking for? Or would you rather be interested in scrypt?

I’m primarily looking for a trusted partner to work with me in building a mining operation. I want to fund the project and participate in the execution and decision-making.

Questions like the scale of the operation I will deal with when I find the right trusted person.

I’m interested in a ppcoin operation, so no scrypt.


well i am interested in setting up a fairly serious mining operation… running off solar and wind turbines, have a BFL 60GH on order from sept that once here will be slipt between BTC and PPC, but I am always keen to expand, so I would be interested to hear your proposal of what ASIC’s you would look to invest in. I have all my funds tied upo in acquiring the Solar and wind turbines but give me a shout should you want to get this mining operation off the ground, i’m sure there is something we can do together :slight_smile:

[quote=“allbits, post:5, topic:98”]Questions like the scale of the operation I will deal with when I find the right trusted person.

I’m interested in a ppcoin operation, so no scrypt.[/quote]

Even the partners need to know what they should be ready for. Are you talking 1000USD here? 10000? 100-thousand? Or… do you have something in your mind in terms of hashpower?

Or did you preorder some of the hardware out there?

As PPC and BTC mining operation is the same process, it wasn’t very hard for me to secure several thousands (euro) of investment for a certain ASIC station. In the meantime I’m doing what I can on a far inferior ASIC technology. (And I hope the delivery will be quite on time)

If you want more advice, and/or meet the people that post proposals here, I believe you can meet them at
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