Mining (minting) PoS Blocks and Private Key exposure

I understand it’s possible to set the PPC wallet to a “semi-unlocked” state for mining PoS blocks only.

  1. How does this keep your wallet more secure than having it unlocked?

  2. Is the same private key used to sign and move a PPC balance between transactions on the blockchain used to verify ownership of coin age for mining purposes? Surely this is a security concern for the machine mining. i.e. someone who gains access to that computer mining PoS blocks can access the private key and therefore a user’s balance? Is it possible to have two linked private keys - one to sign transactions and one to sign blocks? Then anyone can leave their PoS mining (minting) private key exposed as all an attacker can do is sign for a PoS block and allocate all that block reward over to that user. Not sure if this is actually a problem so I may be solving something that’s not an issue. Can someone please clarify.

  3. Are the coins used in PoS mining actually mined to a transaction in the new block? Thereby spending their coin age.

I guess that is what cold minting is all about :slight_smile:

It’s being worked on by the core developers.

  1. Transferring/moving coins still requires your wallet password.

  2. Some of your ideas on the #2 point are discussed under the topic “cold storage minting” in this thread ->

  3. First of all … PoS does not mine; it mints :slight_smile:

To answer your question: Yes they are, just look at this random block:
Every PoS block has 2 transactions minimum

#1 coinbase
#2 newly emitted coins for the stake holder

Thanks everyone.