Merged mining on PPC XPM...would be nice!

I have joined and saw that alongside BTC it merge mines with no less than 3 other Crypto currencies. NMC IXC & DVC… Why can’t we get them to add PPC and XPM to their portfolio. They mention that they may add others…let’s be one of the “others”. I’m sure this would enhance our standing and acceptability. I am mining on Fixx but not all the time. I’m sure that hosted mining is the way to go and being able to turn up the throttle and slow down when you want seems to make sense!

Your thoughts on getting on to other websites to improve or web visibility are welcome.

PPC cant be merge mined XPM is totally different algorithm, can also not be merged mined

Well I learnt something today then… I thought because it was not scrypt it was compatible. Uses SHA-256… It says here BTC can’t but it can with NMC. Well I don’t understand the technicals behind it but it would have been good for Peercoin.

i dont know if its possible merged mining with ppcoin, but it would be great if we could set our GH/s to a PPCoin pool.

btw . its a feature request that i created. you should vote on and they will implement it.

Upvoted, thanks for doing that, Vpereira

I followed the link and voted it up too! Hopes aren’t too high though.

Merge mining is where one blockchain is used as a check-pointing system for another currency. It simply cannot be done unless it is explicitly designed into a currency. Its a good thing Peercoin is not merge mined because then you would need to mine bitcoin instead (thats right its not an “option” but an obligation) to get the merged mined coins and that means having access to the bitcoin block-chain.