Merchant Letter - Draft 1

PR - Merchant Letter - Draft 1

  • More revenue section fixed in version 1.1

[quote=“Excelsior”]Brilliant! You might want to look at the ‘more revenue’ paragraph, the sentence gets funky.

We can also get into the exact costs of transactions… showing the average credit card transaction fee vs. peercoin fees. That would stand out. Also underscore and stress the fact that there are no ‘chargebacks’… merchants HATE those.

Nice work.[/quote]

Thank you. I created the original draft while a good friend of mine cleaned it up. I fixed the ‘more revenue’ section in version 1.1 and will look into your other suggestions. I know we’re still weeks away from launching the letter, however, I want to get us thinking about it asap.

I like that idea!

Also, I didn’t do a thourough scan of everything, but I noticed some errors. Under More Variety, you have “that” twice in a row. Under Truly Global Currency, the first word “Since” needs to be capitalized. Not an error, but the word complexly sounds odd to me. There are a bunch of dashes where I think commas should be. Other than that, it sounds really great.

One suggestion would be to add a section telling them that if they add Peercoin, we would add their business to the page on our website, which acts as a resource guide for those looking to purchase things with Peercoin. It’s an advertisement for them.

Spelling mistake: “lean” should be “learn”

“Complexly” I believe should be “completely”

I think you’ve phrased the letter very well. The only thing I would add is that Peercoin represents a truly integrative payments solution, because it both enhances customer experience and lowers costs (two factors that are normally complete polar opposites can actually both be achieved through adoption of Peercoin). These solutions are not easy to come up with, and businesses greatly value when they stumble across them.

I wonder if we should really focus on merchants that have a brand associated with sustainability and/or being green. None are popping into my head right now but it would/could be a solid public statement for a sustainability focused brand to say they are going with peercoin.

Great suggestions everyone, please keep them coming. I know this isn’t our immediate priority, however, I’d like to have something solid when we’re ready to go after the businesses.