Member of ECB Board thinking of adding assets as instrument of monetary policy

This will go past most people, but it is actually a very interesting development

Basically he looks for stable assets as an instrument for monetary policy.
I thought when I read this, he must have looked at Peershares and how this is going to stabilise Peercoin in the long term :slight_smile:

Peershares are assets and if we get the community to invest in a monetary fund (as a Digital Autonomous Organisation), we might be able to stabilise the currency to some extent. The fund itself may invest a certain percentage in well performing Peershares companies (like pension funds do in some countries) and obtain dividends to grow the fund. With the remaining liquid position Peercoins can be bought when the rates are going down and Peercoins can be sold when it’s going up. This will provide at least a dampening effect on wild swings and therefore make the coin more interesting for merchants. This will increase the inflow of capital which will strengthen the coin even more. The Peercoin economy is born.

Is it a dream or are we close with realising this? 8)

Well he is talking about ‘asset purchases’, ‘unconventional tools’ and ‘commoditised reference assets’. In my view that points directly at cryptocurrencies, especially peercoin. But I think he means rare metals, maybe land or other physical commodities, because the cryptocurrency market is still very very small in comparison with other financial markets.

Yeah, had the same thoughts when I read this. Maybe the doctor should order me to stay away from the forums for 14 days :wink: Severe case of Peercoinditis

Don’t bust the dream… :wink:

In the long run, I do think peercoin has a very good chance to become a very valuable asset! It will take some years though, and a lot depends on how scary quantum computing will get in regard to hacking private keys… But for now we seem to be good for at least 20 years.

I think so, too.

I think so, too.[/quote]
Great. Thanks for the link. Will elaborate a bit more over there.