mcxNOW v2.0 is live!

The mcxNOW v2.0 update has just gone live, with a new look!

Fee shares have been added. Currently only 5000 of them have been released, and each share you own pays you 0.001% of the exchange fees. This includes 0.2% on all currency buys and sells, upgrades to Pro Trader accounts, and withdrawals.

You also earn interest on any currency in your exchange account. 25% of the exchange fees are used for this.

mcxNOW currently allows trading of PrimeCoin, MinCoin, Litecoin, SolidCoin, DevCoin, WorldCoin, and CopperLark. I saw RS mention that he plans to add PPC soon in the chatbox!

+1 I’m excited for that announcement, and enjoying the update as well.
It’s bound to grow after he adds PPC, so I predict fees to be a good investment later on.