Maximum size Peercoin blockchain

Hi all.
i m going to install the software wallet for Peer. I have just one pc that i can use as the other host i have is not 100 % secure . I would like to know the maximum size of the of the Peercoin Blockchain.
I just have 80 gig of space avaible.

There is no maximum size of the blockchain.
Currently you need about 600Mb for the Peercoin blockchain and we can estimate that 80GB should be fine for next 5 years at least.

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Thank you

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looking for wallet 101. each time I have attempted to download a wallet and initiate a transaction I am thwarted by one thing or another. sorry I cant be more specific but any ref for basic understanding in laymen terms would be appreciated.

Here is one example of many issues (ref previous post) after downloading what I thought was a wallet, a form popped up with a sophisticated application ostensibly requiring all my personal information. I did not complete the form. Who or what caused that application form? There was no business name or peerOrg reference for it. It just added to the general confusion I have experienced for the past several months. Like when I was using cryptotrade because it seemed an easy way to make a transaction. Then when I was comfortable enough and ready to make a trade, the site was gone.

you could be more specific, just tell the address where you downloaded the wallet

for other people who are interested in downloading the official wallet instead of spreading fud, here is the link to the official wallet client:

Thanks irritant, I will use the link you provided for my next attempt. As to the IP of my last attempt (when the unknown form appeared requesting all my personal info) that may have been from the primecoin or the old peercoin website just not sure. And as I remember, it (the form) was a pop-up. I also have another thread running under the help category about today’s failure at trying to get a wallet. It has been recommended to me use explorer / google. I am opposed to these, using firefox / ixquick instead. My next attempt will include a call to my AV provider tech. Im sure I can make an exception for the peercoin address.

The installation is very easy i don t understand how that can go wrong… Unless your machine is spammmed or you clicked on some wrong link by accident?