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November 8th

Left meaningful comments at the following links:


I’d recommend the community take a look at the Wired article, a few negative Peercoin comments:




One of the more critical roles of the volunpeers will center around the ‘Googlers’. Whenever they have a free minute, they’ll simply google ‘Bitcoin’ ‘Bitcoin News’ … find stories and comment. Comments will be insightful, a few sentences (no spammy) however always point back to Peercoin. For example:

“When it comes to purchasing Bitcoin online, it’s a hassle for anyone that’s not already ultra techy. I understand your point about the fees, however, people are quite familiar with paying a little extra for convenience. Personally, I’d like to see the major alts also supported such as Peercoin (PPC) and Litecoin (LTC).”

Righto, I’ve had a shit ton of work recently so sorry I haven’t been that active. Anywho, I’ve been doing googling, commenting, and spreading the word on bitcoinforum and reddit also.

Forbes Article ( - 1st comment)

'What many people don't know about is both the variety and availability of alternative crytpo currencies. The media shout about bitcoin this and bitcoin that whilst simultaneously ignoring the incredible advances of others such as Peercoin and Litecoin.

I draw on Peercoin as it is the alternative with the largest future. Whereas proof of work generates bitcoins using computational power, proof of stake relies on the coins that people already have in their possession, thus creating a system that uses less electricity than a proof of work-based system. Peercoin also has low and manageable inflation as transaction fees are destroyed to offset inflation from proof of stake minting.’

MarketWatch: (

'Cryptocurrencies are the future, but that future is not Bitcoin. Its Peercoin. Once people realise the potential of peercoin it will go far and beyond what Bitcoin has, and will ever achieve. Not only is Peercoin inflation proof, it has far lower electricity costs, which in turn from proof of stake technology will defend from any potential 51% attacks. '

Gigaom (

"Bitcoin is more portable and easier to divide than a gold bar. That’s part of the reason the Winklevoss twins think one Bitcoin will be worth $40,000. It’s possible — but so is the prospect of Bitcoin getting wiped out by a competitor like Ripple."
The real competition for Bitcoin is not in the form of regulation, 51% attacks, or lack of intrinsic value, but in the from of better, higher security, more energy efficient alternatives such as Peercoin.'</blockquote>

Hope they are good, normally I am more coy in my approach; Went for a more germane approach, so it will be interesting to monitor and to see if people act differently and/or better.

This is awesome, keep up the amazing work!