Mac's Dont Mine?

Hi all

i have been told that Apple Macs don’t mine …i was wondering is this true because my friend has a mac and he really wants to mine with it… PrimeCoin preferably i have Googled it to Death with no success so far…

Many Thanks

But Apple products are the best?!?!?!?

Looks like there are build notes specifying OSX for that one. For pool specific miners, you’ll have to look into those further.

thanks ravelant …ye he really wanted to pool mine …he has the wallet

I was going to post a howto in another thread, but I guess I’m new here and it won’t let me. I managed to get it to work with the following:

for directions how to do this using xolokram’s client go here:

How to compile primecoind for Mac OS X Mavericks (using homebrew)

Compiling primecoind under OS X is super annoying and tedious. I had to jump through a ton of hoops to figure this stuff out, so I figure I’d share and save people the trouble.

This assumes you have XCode with CLI tools installed

  1. Install Homebrew
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  1. Install dependencies
brew install berkeley-db4 boost gmp miniupnpc openssl
  1. Modify path (for some reason openssl will not relink otherwise)
touch ~/.bash_profile
echo "export PATH=\"/usr/local/bin:\$PATH\"" >> ~/.bash_profile
  1. Link libraries
brew link openssl --force
brew link berkeley-db4 --force
  1. Download the git repository (I use the high performance version):
git clone
  1. Switch to the source directory
cd ./primecoin/src
  1. Modify the makefile.osx file

change the following line (should be very close to the top) from:




change the following line from:



  1. Modify the serial.h file

remove the following lines (should be around line 900 or so):

     void insert(iterator it, const_iterator first, const_iterator last)
         assert(last - first >= 0);
         if (it == vch.begin() + nReadPos && (unsigned int)(last - first) <= nReadPos)
             // special case for inserting at the front when there's room
             nReadPos -= (last - first);
             memcpy(&vch[nReadPos], &first[0], last - first);
             vch.insert(it, first, last);
  1. Compile primecoind
make -f makefile.osx
  1. You should have a binary now (primecoind)

How do I Mine?

  1. You can make a config file like the one I’ve made. It should be put in ~/Library/Application Support/Primecoin/primecoin.conf:
rpcpassword= *RANDOM KEYSTROKES*
  1. Go to wherever you built primecoind and start primecoind in daemon mode:
./primecoind --daemon

That’s it. You should notice some increased CPU usage. It will take a while for the program to download the blockchain, but once it does, just to give you an idea: My Mac Pro 2009 Nehalem quad core is crunching away at XXXXX primespersec YYYYY chainspermin ZZZZZ chainsperday (still downloading the blockchain, I’ll update these values once it’s caught up)

You’ll find the following commands useful:

primecoind getmininginfo (gets mining stats)

primecoind getinfo (gets general info including wallet balance)

primecoind getaccountaddress " " (gets address for account " ", which is the default account name)

primecoind stop (stops the daemon)

Hope this helps!

FYI, I’m pretty sure the procedure is pretty similar for the pooled miners, but I haven’t been able to get them to work 100% yet. I’ll make another post if I manage to make them work.

If you’re feeling generous:

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I managed to get the pooled miner compiled on a mac. I posted it in the main thread: