Mac wallet has no 'console' or 'debug' window

Hi There,

Can anyone help me with my Peercoin-QT wallet program on Mac. It’s running fine on OS 10.6.8 and Mavericks (2 diff computers). However unlike Litecoin, Quarkcoin, Namecoin Wallet-QT programs, my Peercoin one has no ‘help’ file in order to access the console and debug features - which I really want to so I can easily create cold storage by ‘dumpprivkey’ etc commands which is the way I’ve done it in my other QT programs which is really simple.

Is this because it hasn’t been written in the Mac version of the QT client or am I doing something wrong - any help greatly appreciated. Hell, if you solve or write it into the mac client program I’ll send you some coins.

Cheers :slight_smile:

PS. I tried to attach to pics but it wouldn’t let me so hope someone knows what I’m talking about. fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

Hi. There is no debug console that I’m aware of in the Peercoin client yet. We’re hoping that it will be included in either v0.4 or v0.5.

In the meantime you can manually import private keys using the ppcoind.exe program in your folder (Windows only, not sure about Mac).

Try this tutorial that Ben has made.

While he uses it to run the command you could also run the command: ./ppcoind dumpprivkey

Wonderful thank you so much for clarifying that. I thought I was going insane. So, whilst I wait in hope for v0.4 or 0.5 (any idea when??? anyone???) I guess I can safely send to paper wallet using the brain wallet or such. Thanks for the tutorial link from Ben - I’ll have a read of it and see if I can make it work. I don’t really understand all the command line stuff but hopefully can make my way through it and post questions if I get stuck.

Thank you guys and please please any programmers working on the next version can you please, for us ‘leper’ Mac users incorporate the debug console so it’s easy to import and export private keys - I would soooo appreciate it and willing to tip!!!

Have a great day all. Cheers :slight_smile:

Having an in-app console will be a great addition to Peercoin-Qt.

If you have any questions that my tutorial doesn’t answer, please feel free to start a new topic, I’ll be happy to take a look, or point you in the direction of someone who may know that particular issue better than I.

Jen - I promise that I’m more technically inept than you, and I figured out the command line stuff in a couple hours. There’s a lot of great resources here in the community willing to help out.

And PSA: if you use brainwallets, make sure that you are doing it offline (with the webpage saved to your desktop and your internet connection turned off), and that when you generate passphrases you are using a truly random method like a Diceware list has some further discussion on generating private keys that can’t easily be guessed. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys - really appreciate the help - makes me feel less stupid. Thanks for the brainwallet tip - yes I’ve downloaded the webpage (comes up as an archive) so once I’ve finished updating my wallets and blockchains I’ll uplug from the network and start creating my paper wallets. I’ve done it for a couple of other crypto’s so at least am comfortable with that part.

Just nervous about reimporting with the command line - but I had a quick squiz through Ben’s tutorial (thank you by the way. Brilliant!) and it seems fairly straightforward so am sure if I sit quietly and work through it I’ll be OK - but will surely post any questions or problems.

Cheers again. You guys rock!! :slight_smile:

Oh, actually, just thought of something else as I get ready to transfer coins from an online trading account to my desktop wallet - with the wallet QT programs for various crypto’s - where it says ‘transaction fee’ in preferences - and suggests an amount - mine shows up as 0. Last time I was transferring stuff it took forever but didn’t automatically take the fee out and it didn’t actually charge me a fee (previously it did charge a fee) - so am wondering if that’s why it took hours to be processed through the blockchain? Would that be right?

And what is an acceptable amount for the fee to pay when transferring out of wallet to cold storage? In order for it not to take hours to confirm? Any suggestions?


That section is referring to the optional fee that can be applied on top of the required 0.01 PPC/kB for the transaction. So far, I haven’t seen a reason to use it, as my transactions are confirmed in a fairly predictable fashion (around 1 hour).

If you saw a longer delay, it may have been due to the exchange not processing your request immediately, rather than the Peercoin network being the bottleneck.

As for the mandatory fee, if you send PPC over the network, you’ll pay it.

If you were referring to other cryptocurrency transactions, like BTC, you may have done a 0.00 fee transaction, which is allowed, but viewed as low-priority to the Bitcoin network, and thus, could have taken many times linger than an hour to reach six confirmations.