Mac OS High Sierra - Wallet out of sync

Hi guys,
Newbie here, with a wallet issue runing on Mac.
I’ve downloaded, installed and no matter that the wallet is up and runing it doesnt sync. Also i noticed that the wallet does not create the PPCoin folder or conf file. I will appreciate all the help. Thanks

you might have accidently denied network access to the application, check here in Firewall Options:

It should be making a peercoin diectory rather than a PPCoin directory.

I tryed even with turning off firewall, didnt help.

What block are you on? Still on the first block, or is it just really slow?

would be good to see debug window and debug.log, it seems to be synching just fine.

With a great embarrassment typing this, I must say the problem was in me. Yes, everything is working fine, just the sync was so slow I have not notice that is actually moving. I really want to apologize for the time I lost to the community. As a simple designer ( like my dev friends love to say ) I just want to add in my defence that I was expecting the loading bar to have a visual progress, and maybe the sync numbers to refresh. But really, my apologies and thanks to all the answers.


No problem. There used to be a visual bar, we did a big import of features and it was misplaced. You can see the issue requests here, as part of ‘milestone 3’ for v0.6.3:

So not entirely your embarrassment.