MAC DOWNLOAD OF DAEMON DOESN'T WORK...and I would love to be wrong

Unable to access my peercoins on Mac OSX. Not happy.

The peercoin daemon doesn’t download to Mac (yes, i’m using Chrome; yes, i’m aware of the possible Mavericks issues; yes, I have read every post. yes, i’m aware of Larkin’s contributions; yes, I have watched all of the very generous youtube videos provided by r00tsical; yes, i’m really sick and tired of this; yes, I have the thought that this difficulty is to prevent trading; yes, I think that preventing trading of ppc is stupid at this point.)

The file from both github and Jeff Larkin sends you to Mega where you get the popup message that this “address is no longer valid”.

However, the qt does download from so that the wallet is visible on OSX once downloaded.

It would be really great if someone could build an easy interface for both Windows and Mac like what you see on almost every other digital currency coin websites. (Even the command line requirement and setting up of a conf file for Windows is not fun.)

If anyone can share info on how to easily download the daemon for Mac it would make me and everyone else with a Mac very, very happy. I mean it’s Christmas after all right?



Here’s the mirror of [font=courier]ppcoind[/font] for OS X that I grabbed a couple of days ago. Other than putting it up on my Dropbox public folder, it’s exactly the same as what was up on Mega.

I’ll check to see if that has been taken down for some reason, and if it is, work with Fuzzy to get the link updated in the tutorial.