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1 BTC Wagering Contest is finished. Congratulations to the winners :+1: Thanks to everyone who joined. Stay tuned for the upcoming giveaways!

Two Year Anniversary of Luckygames! 280 LTC Prize Pool! Let`s Celebrate Together!


Dear Luckygames Community,

We are glad to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary! Lots of things have been made and many milestones achieved during the last 2 years and, without your support, none of these would have been possible. Thanks for staying with us and enjoy the party! :smiley:

Giveaway Every Day

7 Giveaways with # 280 LTC Prize Pool and 140 Possible Winners (20 Winners per Giveaway & 2 LTC per Winner) will be held during the next week.


26.11.2018 - Start time 22:00 UTC +0 (10:00 PM GMT +0)
27.11.2018 - Start time 20:00 UTC +0 (8:00 PM GMT +0)
28.11.2018 - Start time 16:00 UTC +0 (4:00 PM GMT +0)
29.11.2018 - Start time 12:00 UTC +0 (12:00 PM GMT +0)
30.11.2018 - Start time 08:00 UTC +0 (8:00 AM GMT +0)
01.12.2018 - Start time 04:00 UTC +0 (4:00 AM GMT +0)
02.12.2018 - Start time 00:00 UTC +0 (12:00 AM GMT +0)

How To Win?

You need to hit the winning bet in Hacker game with 34 websites and 6 busted cells as shown on the picture below:
Hacker Game

Post your bet id on the Official Giveaway Thread at Luckygames forum in this format:
Bet ID: (your bet id)
Luckygames Account: (your account)


Luckygames account level >= 5.
The bets made before each giveaway will NOT be taken.
It’s NOT allowed to start the game before the giveaway and finish when it’s started.
No minimum bet amount.
Each player can score only ONCE in all giveaways. Multi-accounts are prohibited.
Multi-tabs / More than 1 session / JS bots / Clickers are not allowed.
It’s NOT allowed to edit a message - post new message instead.
The prize will be credited to your Luckygames account.

Good Luck to Everyone

Don’t miss chance to win big with Luckygames, huge giveaways happening whole next week!

Dpm’t miss this chance to win big with Luckygames!
Wagering Contest with 0.1BTC prize pool is already running, secure your place now. Next 0.1BTC Wagering Contest starts right after this one finish (00:00 UTC)
First game giveaway with 40LTC prize pool (2LTC per winner) is scheduled at 26.11.2018 - Start time 22:00 UTC +0 (10:00 PM GMT +0).

We will hit our 60,000,000,000th bet milestone in a few hours!
Join the party while its not too late!

The 60,000,000,000th Bet Giveaway has been finished! Congratulations to our 173 winners! Good job guys :+1: Today we have given away 82.2 ZEC (1.32 BTC) and 822 days VIP.

1 BTC Players (Wagering) Contest

Players (Wagering) Contest with 1 BTC Prize Pool has already started. Follow the Contests page!


1st Place - 0.30 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
2nd Place - 0.20 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
3rd Place - 0.15 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
4th Place - 0.10 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
5th Place - 0.08 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
6th Place - 0.06 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
7th Place - 0.05 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
8th Place - 0.03 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
9th Place - 0.02 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
10th Place - 0.01 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND


Three contests are activeright now!
There is still enough time to secure your spot.
Play now

alt text

Play as much as you can! Increase your total amount wagered and get closer to win the main prize. All games and cryptocurrencies accepted (except LUCKY-tokens). The bets made before the contest start date are not taken.

Follow the Contests page for live Leaderboard and countdown timer.

There’s still time to grab your share of 2 Bitcoin!

Live leaderboard is available at the Contests​​​​​​​ page.

2 BTC Wagering Contest is finished. Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to everyone who joined. Stay tuned for the upcoming giveaways​​​​​​​!

Don’t miss the chance to participate in our monthly competition!
Play and battle your way to the top of the leaderboard to WIN PRIZES in BTC!

Less than 10 days left to secure your spot in our 2 Bitcoin wagering competition! :slightly_smiling_face:

Win more with Luckygames

2 Bitcoin Wagering Contest has just finished and prizes are already sent to the winners!

It was awesome race! Thanks to everybody who joined.

Stay tuner another contest is coming very very soon! :slight_smile:

We’ve reached 120,000,000,000 bets!
Thanks for all your support! :slight_smile:
Keep winning with Luckygames!

New weekly contests have been started!
Win big with Luckygames!