Ltc transaction issue

well , since i can not find any active forums about ltc ( the registration on official is blocked due to hackzords ) , i will repost this here . please read and advice me what to do . ???
" hi ! i have made a tiny transaction to my colleague from my android wallet to her android wallet , but she did not received the coins ! since official forums are closed , i ask about help here . is there anyone who can help us ? please let me know or re - send me link to community which might help me to handle this ! cause blockchain shows that everything is successfully sended , but her wallet says that it is not ! thanks ! "

if it looks ok on the blockchain than probably on her side something isn’t up to date, idk what client or anything, so maybe need to synchronise with the blockchain, or some internet connection issue idk

If blockexplorers show a successful tx, it’s most likely that her client is not fully synced (for whatever reason) and just hasn’t received the tx so far; from her client’s view it’s “in the future” - blockchain sync wise.