Lots of Great Advice for us from Someone on Reddit

Somebody posted a great thread on Reddit full of advice that I think we should take to heart. Here is the link: http://www.reddit.com/r/peercoin/comments/1pbb4i/randoms_from_me/

[ol][li]The myths page, the wiki and forum should all be found on the main website - not separate websites. [/li]
[li]You want instant attention for Peercoin? You are missing the greatest untapped market: people who send money overseas and people who wire money. These people would flock to Peercoin because every dollar counts and they are getting screwed with transaction fees. They just don’t know about Peercoin. If they did, they all would use it. Why isn’t there a focused attention to attract them?[/li]
[li]There needs to be a safe, simple, super easy to read and understand page on main website that explains for the average joe how to set up and use a wallet (or ppc in general). This does not exist. It’s insane. Everyone wants the average person to use Peercoin and it’s all computer geek jargon. You think the average person knows what a ‘client’ is? Major fail in this area. And this needs to be done for both mac and pc. [/li]
[li]There needs to be a section on main website explaining in super easy to understand terms how to use PPC safely and securely and how to protect it on your computer and all the ways you can take precautions. This needs to happen asap. [/li]
[li]We need faces. We need videos of meetups and our leaders at conventions giving talks and being interviews. We must get out of the shadows. Not having faces talking and smiling and talking about PPC is a problem. FIX this. [/li]
[li]Sunny gave a ‘pre-launch’ notice on bitcointalk for ppc and then nine days later gave the official launch posting. Take screenshots of those postings and reference them for proof that it was a fair launch. Also ask Sunny how many people participated on launch day and that will help people realize that it’s all more spread out than they think. [/li]
[li]Show the highest addresses of coins. Be transparent [/li]
[li]Get your friends and family to buy PPC. You want to help the price to go up and have their deep admiration in five years? DO THIS[/li]
[li]You don’t have to compare yourself to Bitcoin so explicitly. Just say Peercoin is the best designed cryptocurrency in the world for such and such reasons. A few comparisons to Bitcoin in the areas where it’s significantly improved is good, but there’s no need to look desperate by attacking it. Act confident and don’t send signals that Bitcoin is the large dog in the room, be the large dog in the room.[/li]
[li]Don’t underestimate the importance of making peercoin.net the best crypto website on the planet. I’m talking charts, clear sections discussing all topics. I want a section talking about taxes. I want a section talking about fiat vs crypto philosphy. I want a section talking about transaction fees in the real world economy and why it matters. DON’T ASSUME people understand these things. Spell it out and show how Peercoin is integral to an improved world. [/li]
[li]More giveaways. DO IT. [/li]
[li]Use college radio. Give away Peercoins for contests. [/li]
[li]Lose the “issues” section on wikipedia for Peercoin (and change it from PPcoin to Peercoin).[/li]
[li]Sell your car and buy PPC and live in a tent down by the river. [/li]
[li]Put listings on Craigslist selling some of your stuff and say you will only accept Peercoins (with link to the website).[/li][/ol]
Thank you.

JustaBitofTime, can we put some of these suggestions on a to do list somewhere so they don’t disappear into irrelevancy?

Anybody read this yet? What do you think?

I think this is all great. I have tried multiple times to spark conversations about the website, consolidations, fonts, colors, images but they have all gone nowhere.

Do we have a process for elevating and getting consensus?

Fantastic read. Read it and will work on a way to help integrate it. Right now, just completely buried.

Really Solid Advice