Lost wallet.dat = lost peercoins forever?

I had a backup of my wallet on a usb stick ,but when i plugged in it was broken.
I’ve tried about every recovery program on this planet ,but no luck to repair the stick or at least get the wallet.dat file back.

I did also had a txt file with all info (keys ,adrdess , password etc., ,but can’t recover that too.

The only thing i have is the passphrase and the address.

Is there not any possiblity to enter my old address in peerunity and or make a new wallet.dat file with my info by the peerunity administrators or so ?

I was so stupid to think it was saved on my usb before i installed about 4 linux distro’s to test ,so i can’t get the files back from my hard drive too.

Next time i backup all ppcoin folders , keys etc , make paper wallet etc. on at least 2 seperate disks
before i do something stupid !

maybe some professional data recovery company can help you with your died usb flashdrive

Sorry, there is no such thing. There are only people who are maintaining the code with 0 access to your coins. That’s kind of crypto’s point :disappointed:

@irritant’s tip is quite good though.

I know , but the amount of my peercoins is about 35 usd (15 ppc) so i don’t think they do it for free.

At least i have my lesson learned with my first buy of peercoins,but i must say i’m afraid to buy some more on a new address.
How can i be sure that i can recover my wallet ?
I reinstall my os’s frequently (linux especially) so i have to be sure it’s backed up the best way possible

Encrypt then paper wallet, cloud storage, multiple backups, tatoo the encrypted key on your right ankle…

you can store peercoins on a ledger wallet

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Search every sector on the disk for known binary patterns that every ppc wallet (of the same version you had) has. There is a good chance that the wallet is still there,

I store all my coins in the trade platform, it is more safety than in my computer.
Risk in platform:
Platform shutdown like MTGOX, the platform staff / boss embezzlement, etc
Risk in own computer:
Hardware&software error, hacker, virus, change computer, delete/uninstall by mistaken,etc

A backed up and encrypted wallet has only 2 risks: you lose all your backups simultaneously or you forget your password. Hackers can’t decrypt your wallet without some serious social engineering and viruses/computer crashes or the like are not a problem if you have backups.