Looking for peercoin.net and Peerunity translators - Payment in PPC!


I’m sorry 100% white paper translation is rewarded with 10 PPC as per the link in my previous email. I can’t update the OP as it has been posted by someone else and I’m not a moderator on this forum.


I want to accept for all Turkish translations job if you dont mind?


I can only accept the whitepaper translation for 10 PPC at the moment as explained above.
Please read this first: https://peer4commit.com/projects/133 and let me know whether you are starting with it.


Okey I’ll start soon, but no connect to link direct me homepage when i click it. But i think you talkin about this link https://peer4commit.com/projects/133


Updated the link. Copy/paste issue. My apologies


Thank you


What does peercoin.net and traslators means?


Peercoin.net is our website. Peerunity is the name of a wallet (now obsolete). We are looking for people who can do translation work. Currently that is pretty much limited to the whitepaper and specific languages. Hope that makes sense.