Looking for peercoin.net and Peerunity translators - Payment in PPC! [CLOSED]


I’m sorry 100% white paper translation is rewarded with 10 PPC as per the link in my previous email. I can’t update the OP as it has been posted by someone else and I’m not a moderator on this forum.


I want to accept for all Turkish translations job if you dont mind?


I can only accept the whitepaper translation for 10 PPC at the moment as explained above.
Please read this first: https://peer4commit.com/projects/133 and let me know whether you are starting with it.


Okey I’ll start soon, but no connect to link direct me homepage when i click it. But i think you talkin about this link https://peer4commit.com/projects/133


Updated the link. Copy/paste issue. My apologies


Thank you


What does peercoin.net and traslators means?


Peercoin.net is our website. Peerunity is the name of a wallet (now obsolete). We are looking for people who can do translation work. Currently that is pretty much limited to the whitepaper and specific languages. Hope that makes sense.


Everyone who had donated in the past or believe this is of importance be aware that the Peer4commit funds are about to be transferred and that this project will be closed in its current form. The intention is to have the Peercoin Foundation taking over the funds and the activity.

Please respond here: Peer4commit cleanup pt. 2


Only a week left to respond to the transfer of the funds as per previous email.
The activity is taken over by the Foundation. You can already register for website translations here: Peercoin.net Translators needed!

Edit 16/2/2019
The fund is now officially closed. The remaining funds of 1,398.33 PPC have been transferred to the Peercoin foundation here: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/ppc/block.dws?414795.htm