London Peercoin Meetup

I have ordered tickets. Will arrive July the 15th and leave the 20th. Hope we can get a meetup together :slight_smile:

If you end up putting something together, let me know and I’ll spread it on social media to try and get some more people out there with you.

If someone wants to fly me from Australia i’ll attend haha!

Hi Jack, you could always try the marketing fund, ha

Thanks, Sentinel -

Yes, that would be great.

Meet-up time and date: 7pm, Wednesday 16 July 2014

Location: Cittie of York pub, 22 High Holborn, London, about fifty yards from Chancery Lane tube station (which is on the central line). The Cittie of York pub is a grand old pub and easily found on Google maps, etc.

The meet-up is not formal and we are not booking a room, more of a drink and social. Anyone interested in coming along is welcome to email me on robertlloydppc AT outlook DOT com

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

The meeting went really well. There was me and sandakersmann, over from Norway. We talked about all the things that people in the Community are doing, plus more besides. We started at the pub for a few drinks, went to a Korean restaurant for a chicken noodle, then another pub for a final drink

At the moment, members of the Community are few and far apart, so I think the way forward for meet-ups is to just grab any opportunity to meet, in twos and threes if necessary, rather than wait for 6+ people to attend

Cybnate: you said you would be in England in late-July or early-August - if you want to rendezvous, give a shout

(on behalf of Cybnate)

Good to hear you had the meet-up. I haven’t booked London yet as I had a few other destinations and other family and friend visits higher on my list. So still not sure yet. Will let you know when I’m around.


I’m back home in Norway now after the trip to London. RobertLloyd and I had what maybe is the first Peercoin meetup. Great fun to speak with someone that has knowlege about Peercoin face to face. We should get more of these going :slight_smile: