Locked Wallet?

Hi Guys,

I have just set up and put the PPC in the wallet and I have noticed Minting suspended due to locked Wallet. I have the instructions and the video of the guidelines about how to remove it. But the question is that should I leave/ignore this or have to remove it?

Would be appreciated if you guy can give me a bit of advice.

Many thanks,


Is anyone advice me please?

Should I have to remove this or not?

Many thanks,


Do you want to mint new coins?

Thank you for getting back to me.

To be honest, I am still learning…So please a bit clarify what is mint new coins? Like mining?




This should get you started.

After you’ve held coins for at least 30 days you can attempt to create more. If you are interested in doing this, follow the guide above. If not you can ignore the message.

Thank you Yurizhai. That’s very useful.

I guess I will leave it for 30 days and will mint this coin. I think I like the idea to add on a bit of interest!

Much appreciated for your help. :slight_smile: