-- Fraudulent site

For personal benefit, and to test out if it was legit to not, I’ve conducted a few transactions with So far, they are batting 0%, as I’m still waiting on “2 to 30 minute delivery” for BTC, LTC and PPC.

Emails to the vendor have gone unanswered. The phone numbers aren’t legit.

During my disputes that I’ve opened with PayPal, the vendor has indicated that they transferred the funds, but, given the awesome resource known as, I can see, definitively, that they aren’t telling the truth.

DO NOT TRUST THIS VENDOR. I give you my word, on my community reputation, that this will only cost you. It’s a deal that is too good to be true.

Yeah, they’ve been spamming here all week. Thanks for testing it out though. Now we know for sure.

Thank you for this Ben, I was wondering if I should have an announcement in the news saying they look suspect.

I should be using the news for this, so I’ll do an update in a bit and link to this thread.


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The domain registrar is I could report the site to its registrar but it is in chinese so I have asked redlee to report it.

I’m new to Peercointalk and really appreciate your site.
I note Quickycoin is promoting the sale of Peercoins on Google and wondering if they’r legit.
I also note there is no webpage for Quickycoin.


I am fresh. Thanks for reminding.

For those wondering, the scam site was, except with the c replaced with a k.

As in litekoin .com , that is the scam site. Please everyone be careful look at btc history of scams and don’t expect it because its on the forum or got a website that it is legit. Prevention better than cure. Please use Escrow.

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