Listen to this lecture and understand why am I investing my time into Peercoin

…and why you should do the same.

Incredible lecture.
Douglas Rushkoff is able to concisely express the major issues that accompany VC funding.
A lasting sustainable economy and the companies that comprise it cannot endlessly chase growth.
VC forces startups and novel projects to pivot away from their initial vision and act like a vacuum
that prevents the circulation of value between users. Growth is fine as a result of business activity, but
it shouldn’t be a requirement.

pivot! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is one of the best talks I’ve watched recently.

He explains exactly why I’m active in this community.

And this also explains why PPC’s value has been dropping all the time and why other coins are pumping and crashing.

Thanks for sharing this vid!

Can any one summarize a path (based on this talk) on how to enhance Peercoin’s adoption or current value in a few sentences?

I’m off to spend the next hour watching it, but if some one has an idea on how to summarize a take away on how we can direct our future, I’d like to hear it.

Douglas Rushkoff is right about what he says about money, that it needs to circulate and not be extracted from communities.
But he misses the reason why money is extracted. It’s the joker-advandtage of money over goods, as most goods grow old, need much storage space etc.
Douglas Rushkoff simply calls on people to help circulate the money, but human behaviour has never changed on large scale only because somebody called for it.
Ageing money as Silvio Gesell proposed it in 1916 would solve the underlying problem.
You only need to read page 11

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