List Transactions

I listed this in primecoind listtransactions. I am not certain what happened. Can anyone walk me through this? I am a newbie on this :

primecoind listtransactions
“account” : “”,
“address” : “AFznd6i4Qev7rSivN2aVzp8WJXGWWzmavo”,
“category” : “orphan”,
“amount” : 17.07000000,
“confirmations” : 0,
“generated” : true,
“txid” : “3dd6d17640d86202481a320bdd6bfad6c3a7928f174bf70b34d0b36182ddc43c”,
“time” : 1380312752,
“timereceived” : 1380312752

‘orphan’ means that you mined a block but it didn’t get accepted into block chain. This could happen if another miner generated a block a couple seconds before you did. This happens more often in primecoin than in bitcoin as primecoin has a 1 minute block spacing target so higher orphan chance. Also make sure you have enough connections to the network (typically should be more than 5).

Thanks for your help. I currently have my connections at 8.

I had a few of these in a row. Is it a problem with my system, or simply coincidence? I’ve since reinstalled and had no luck, but I’m still curious in whether it’s a problem on my behalf. My connections were at 12 I believe. Thanks.

Thanks for your help. I currently have my connections at 8.[/quote]

Where do you set your network connections?

What actually show listtransactions? I got always something in currentblocktx(from 1 to 9). But only 2 transactions in list(both are orphan).
What am i doing wrong?