List of Peershare Testers

irritant EDu3BFQeQ8cWMVkwdqerPsoTa3ZPZQx52X khitan E3k4eY6DWEuWQngmWkAXFu4zRvabKLC8vK kenny E38zQZ74pyGVgTN6D6TKEBH5YEipoNJEey mhps ECv3ec3PzpMaB7XWgB2tcbngy78AQMuzrs RobertLloyd DxYZWkkn4284ZXaMn9eyAB7s3jTZWPsNd6 Sebsebzen EAYutndTHVDVyk4qywgHT4fh66eiVpP8zj drduke Dt5qCXtGq5aQUKdgsWu5Ad7QqvRuuLChFe jmzeidner E9TGHTtCH5MfNtfx6AYg7pE7Gsv1JZLzRQ JohnnyCryptoCoin E5uswXijDLRDu6bokgq2UyWbjCNxCunzaL jacksonhuangaimeliz E7FepE3Qf9AryKhyFiR7cwb5AQyumC3W98 masterOfDisaster Dv2MaB3tPAqBhPHm45nTpMkDruNPny1NZs andricor ECk1864C74szU1HNNkw6CQPjD8RzgnFwxi

Google doc up with some notes, just trying to keep everything in one place.

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edit: removed Rise from the list, that is a PeerCoin address not a PeerShares one.

Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 3 nodes Date: 22/04/2014 13:03 To: Sebsebzen EAYutndTHVDVyk4qywgHT4fh66eiVpP8zj Debit: -0.25 shares To: andricor ECk1864C74szU1HNNkw6CQPjD8RzgnFwxi Debit: -0.25 shares To: drduke Dt5qCXtGq5aQUKdgsWu5Ad7QqvRuuLChFe Debit: -0.25 shares To: irritant EDu3BFQeQ8cWMVkwdqerPsoTa3ZPZQx52X Debit: -0.25 shares To: jacksonhuangaimeliz E7FepE3Qf9AryKhyFiR7cwb5AQyumC3W98 Debit: -0.25 shares To: jmzeidner E9TGHTtCH5MfNtfx6AYg7pE7Gsv1JZLzRQ Debit: -0.25 shares To: kenny E38zQZ74pyGVgTN6D6TKEBH5YEipoNJEey Debit: -0.25 shares To: khitan E3k4eY6DWEuWQngmWkAXFu4zRvabKLC8vK Debit: -0.25 shares To: masterOfDisaster Dv2MaB3tPAqBhPHm45nTpMkDruNPny1NZs Dv2MaB3tPAqBhPHm45nTpMkDruNPny1NZs Debit: -0.25 shares To: mhps ECv3ec3PzpMaB7XWgB2tcbngy78AQMuzrs Debit: -0.25 shares To: RobertLloyd DxYZWkkn4284ZXaMn9eyAB7s3jTZWPsNd6 Debit: -0.25 shares Transaction fee: -0.01 shares Net amount: -2.76 shares Transaction ID: 5803908d55aef870a65a0eed4da651d04402d43683ca22455ed79e1501ef890f

I sent all 11 testers 0.25, and costing 0 .01 shares for going over the tx limit??

I noticed we can’t set a tx fee either, assuming that is on purpose.

I sent all 11 testers 0.25, and costing 0 .01 shares for going over the tx limit??

I noticed we can’t set a tx fee either, assuming that is on purpose.

Correct, Peershares, in the default implementation used on this Testnet, uses the Peercoin protocol’s fixed transaction fee of 0.01 shares per 1kb of data transferred. There is no way to set the fee, because it isn’t something that can be modified by users on the network. Custom implementations of Peershares may decide to modify this fixed fee to another value, or, if they extensively customize the offering, may chose to modify how Tx fees are handled.

I’ll be scanning the main thread for new additions and will keep the list up.

feel free to x-post your address here, probably better to get people used to posting testing questions/issues in the subforum.

thanks man!


@Ben: Thanks, that makes sense and I should have realized that myself since peershares is a fork of peercoin :wink: