List of Exchanges accepting Peercoin (PPC)

#21 is soon to be released then you will be able to meet people with peercoins in person and trade your cash in hand with them for peercoins :slight_smile:



[quote=“NUKE1989, post:20, topic:79”]I think that we need a way to buy PPC with paypal. At least for the start…

Having to buy BTC in order to buy PPC seems not that good because why not just stay with Bitcoins?

This way we actually help bitcoins but we could do it the other way around…[/quote]

I found this: Just signed up with as they advertised direct PPC buys with Euros or Dollars though Paypal. Not many orders yet, but did manage to use PayPal to get Euros on my account after an account verification procedure. And bought a handful of PPCs. You can also buy other cryptocoins or buy PPCs with e.g. BTCs.

On their FAQ they say they also support payments with: Wire transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, OKPay, PerfectMoney, Webmoney, Skrill, LiqPay, Netelle, -PayPal-



sounds a extremely fishy if you would ask me…

it would be nice if anyone could check it though…


Wouldn’t load my account with 1000s of Euros, at most a few hundred after a while.
Spreading the risk is not a bad thing anyway in this very young and immature market.


strange that this one not added to front page yet. very quick verify ID I been told. (also very quick in log me out as well)


[quote=“huyha123, post:25, topic:79”]

strange that this one not added to front page yet. very quick verify ID I been told. (also very quick in log me out as well)[/quote]

Thanks yeah added to the OP


#27 - PPC/CNY. Very important because of the market importance, decent volume, and had a nice ATH this monday (over 6 dollars!)


[quote=“tskweres, post:16, topic:79”]Coin Market trades PPC/USD and 6 other cryptocurrencies. We’re serious about compliance which lowers risk, and we’ve got a powerful, reliable trading engine. Check us out:

Travis Skweres
CEO - Coin Market[/quote]

I want do trade a small amount of bitcoin for PPC, but I’m having trouble understanding how al this works. Do I have to set my own price or can I just trade them for the current market value? If I try “market order” it makes me sell 1:1, that’s not a very good deal :o


[quote=“FuzzyBear, post:1, topic:79”]Vircurex - - Trade PPC for USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, TRC, DVC, NMC, IXC, FC
Vircurex: Minimum 0,1 (?) PPC - Withdrawal fee 2 PPC (?) - Deposit methods: Currently only BTC

BTC-E - - Trade PPC for USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, TRC, NMC, FC
BTC-E: Minimum 0,1 PPC - Withdrawal Fee 0,1 PPC - Deposit methods Perfect Money, Interkassa, OKPAY (until now), SEPA (only large amounts)

BTER Exchange -
BTER: I think withdrawal fee was 0,01 PPC, could have been 0,1 PPC though. Deposit methods only BTC and CNY via a Chinese payment provider unknown

Cryptonit -

Cryptsy -

Coins-e -

Crypto-Trade -
Crypto-Trade: Minimum 0,1 PPC - Withdrawal fee 0.01 PPC - Deposit methods OKPay, Perfect Money


CoinMkt - - deposits can be made with Dwolla, International Wire (minimum 500 USD) and Money Order. Definitely looks interesting, as it claims to be KYC/AML compliant.

Vault Of Satoshi- USD/PPC pair, very fast confirmation times on bank deposits, lot of good feedback from here

BTC8 (China)- - PPC/CNY. Good market importance, decent volume[/quote] now accepts payments in PPC and you can also buy or sell PPC.


I have bitcoins I would like to convert into PPC. Anyone familiar with what exchange usually offers the best ratio of BTC/PPC so I can maximize my profit also factoring deposit and withdraw fees associated with the sites?

I don’t need evidence to prove it just what people have thought from personal experience?


It depends on how many BTC you have that you are wanting to convert to PPC. If you are going to buy a lot, you should probably do it on an exchange with a lot of volume, like BTC-E. If it is just a little bit, you can just look up the prices at various exchanges and see what is the best deal.


This websait cryptonit is a scam guys!!! I just been throuh their “verification” method and is a joke! Some guy ask me to take photo of my passport which i dont know why they need? Pls remove it from the list!


This is a regular practice for cryptocurrency exchanges. I think they do this to prevent people from purchasing virtual currency in others names. They also usually require you to send in a photo of a recent bill in your name as a second method verification.




I thought “verification” was for Americans only.


Is there a plan for support PPC in MTGox or OKCoin in Chinese market?


Once MT.Gox decides to offer support for other coins, PPC is likely to be added. I’m not sure about OKCoin. There is a Chinese market for PPC here:


Any guy can guide me to purchase PPC using Perfectmoney?


This is usefull information
Could you start topic with shops that accept Peercoin? I saw some topics in marketplace, but that’s not all of them as I have found some on bitcointalk too while doing some research.


You can add please :slight_smile: