(LIR) LetItRide Gambling Suite |BuyBacks/Dividends| Dice Games BETA Underway



Windows: http://letitri.de/Content/wallet/LetItRide-qt.exe
Mac: http://letitri.de/Content/wallet/LetItRide-qt.zip
GitHub: https://github.com/shogdite/letitride

Blockchain Specialist
Lead coin development, blockchain specialist and all around crypto nutball. Crypto enthusiast since January 2014. Interested in researching various applications of technology for decentralization such as smart contracts and DApps.

Marketing Director, Media Management, Networking
Phoenix1969 was born in the USA and studied post-secondary at Ohio State University. He’s a hard working entrepreneur who is a huge fan and supporter of the LISK project and hopes to work with Shogdite on finding applications of LISK relevant to the LetItRide project.

Frank W.
Risk Management Officer
Frank has 4 years of experience in risk assessment and management at both online and real world casinos. Frank is looking forward to bringing his knowledge and skill set to the table to ensure the profitability of LetItRide.

Jigar S.
Programmer / Platform Developer
Jigar is our core programmer born and raised in heart of India. He has a strong background in C, C++, Java, JavaScript and more recently C#. He will be seeking out additional teammates to form a team under him to lead the programming development aspect of our project including web development. [/size]

[size=12pt]Our crowdfunding ran from June 14th to June 31st and we raised a total of 473.2828 BTC. We thank all the investors who participated and we are now in the process of actively developing and improved our platform.[/size]

[size=12pt]Each month, we will be dedicating 11.5% of profits towards buying back (the cheapest available) LIR on the open market / exchanges. This allows users to set the price at which they would like a return of interest at, as well as allows us to slowly reacquire the LIR sold as we become more profitable.

Dividends will be paid using a total of 28% profits on a monthly period. 10% of profits will go towards our top 10 investors in the initial sale, no strings attached. The remaining 18% will be split between those that choose to participate in dividends by opting in on our site. To participate you must first have your coins deposited on our site, and then opt in. Your coins will be moved to an address that we own (link to block explorer and signed message to come soon). Example: If Joe sends 1,000 coins into the dividend program, and Sam sends in 3,000 there is a total of 4,000 coins in the program therefore Joe will earn 25% (1000/4000) of 18% (total profits) which is 4.5% of total profits.

Coins will be withdrawable if you choose to discontinue receiving dividends. Deposited coins for dividends will also subject to pooled staking, however this feature (pooled staking) will not immediately be available. Please note, once you enroll coins in our dividend program they will not be considered “mature” (eligible for participation) until we have held them for at least 21 days. This is to ensure people do not abuse our system by moving coins in and out only when dividends will be paid.

If at any point it is decided it is within the team’s best interest to sell the site/project we will be issuing a buy back using 35% of valuation it is sold for.[/size]