Let's start exposing cryptocurrency to Youtube

Hello again,

I thought of an idea on how to get the crypto currency market into the spotlight. My idea is simple and everyone can help, and that is to get “youtube celebrities” to make videos about them. I have one youtube star in mind and this is Michael from vsauce. He has about 6.3million subscribers, and his channel is based on answering questions from his subscribers that they are curious about ( he’ll most likely answer questions with the most popularity). So I am going to post a comment asking him to make a video about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on his next video which is due soon because its been two weeks since his last video. All you guys have to do is log into your youtube accounts, find my comment on his video, and like the comment and make it the most popular topic in his next video. Hell, if you really want to drill it to him, send him some e-mails to make a video about bitcoin and cryptocurency.

Sidenote: Getting this message across to bitcointalk is also a good idea and its only going to help this cause because they have like 35k members, so the more the merrier.
Side note: My youtube account name is ArgyleEh (cheezy i know,it’s old) , but feel free to make more than one comment about bitcoin in the comment section of his videos. I will make a reply to this post when his new video is up and when my comment is posted. :wink:


yes and no on youtube vids… don’t want someone video bombing all the hits … just try search devcoin on youtube and let me know your first, second and third impressions please :slight_smile:

But it is a great resource I would like to see used more… its a matter of creating professional quality videos


What happened to devcoin and its bad publicity is their own fault, but yes I do agree taking a professional approach for getting the word out is the best way to show good publicity and maturity in a company/currency (in this case). Thanks for the marketing tip, I’m new to all of this kind of stuff.

Yes, was just looking at that other proof of stake coin (100%) as I’m following closely what’s happening. Know your competition :wink:

They’re somehow raised the funds to get some good quality video and they’re using our green image!! Although I think it is too long.
See link if you’re interested: http://wideo.co/view/1504591387756502643-nxt-generation-of-cryptocurrency (it is also on Youtube somewhere)

I think we need an answer on that, maybe we don’t need to compare with Bitcoin, but we need to focus more on NXT.
I like the video on the peercoin.net site (shame on the spelling mistakes). We need more quality video in this day and age. People don’t read as much anymore.

I may come off a bit aggresive here, but I don’t agree with your statement about how nxt is peercoin’s competition simply because nxt has 1 billion coins pre-mined by its creators and they are distributed for money/btc. That’s like someone printing their own bills from their house and going around selling the bills for money with his sales pitch, “trade government currency for my currency, they have value because I think they have value”. It’s comical. Coins need to be created by doing “work” in its early stages or until all coins are mined so everyone has a fair chance of getting some and then PoS can take over in the future, which is exactly the way peercoin is set up and I think it is brilliant. By the way does nxt even have a whitepaper?

At the risk of going a bit off-topic here I like to say the following:

A currency is all about what you believe in. If Americans suddenly want their dollars in gold, there would be a panic. So even though NXT model might not be backed that strongly at first sight, many people believe in it and they are building consistently their infrastructure, survived DDOS attacks, buggy clients etc. And still their forums are full of people who seem to produce results at a faster pace than here at Peercoin, although you can argue about the quality sometimes.

In the next weeks they will attract a lot of attention with their launch and several other announcements, their video steals our green pitch and their focus is on selling their proof-of-stake model. To me that sounds like competition. Maybe you’re right and should currency value initially created by work, but history proved otherwise (dollar is no longer backed by gold). Inability to counterfeit and confidence in value is clearly more important.

So on topic:
I think we should have an answer ready when NXT thunders in the next few weeks. What would provide more confidence in Peercoin than in NXT?


  • Peercoin in marketcap top 5 for a long time
  • Solid infrastructure And reliable client
  • Possibility to mine for those who don’t have a large stake
    and have that on a video on Youtube.

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Focus on the biggest problem with Nxt, which is the mech. of original distribution, and it having been pre-mined. (At least that is the biggest problem until we know more; the second biggest problem is that we know so little!!)

Also, I think the best format would be a dialogue, in which 2 people discuss the coins, maybe one person advocating Nxt and the second person countering, in a very friendly discussion. Recruit someone who knows and likes Nxt (but also knows and likes PPC, even better!) It should not give the impression of being too one-sided and possibly dishonest and/or defensive (that is, don’t make it like a political ad).

The other thing is, I think it IS a good idea to include Bitcoin in the dialogue (a bit) because the main questions to answer are not just why PPC over Nxt but why PPC over BTC. Say very nice things about BTC (it deserves it) but that it could be and has been improved upon (and quote the enormous energy demands, which to me is unacceptable). The other reason to mention Bitcoin is because its relationship to PPC would make a BTC-PPC transition easier (at least that’s what I’m thinking – all those mining rigs could transition to support PPC during the initial years of transition). There is already a huge infrastructure to support PPC. Nxt has very little relationship with BTC. Maybe also mention, very briefly, LTC (security better for PPC). Really stress security, which is also a very important advantage of PPC (and BTC). The “speedcoins” are less secure.

The biggest disadvantage of PPC is complexity of concepts (burning transaction fee, can the fee be adjusted once its value is more significant, and how easily, and how much can one expect from POS minting). Maybe stay away from the details of the more complex topics, which are things probably being tweaked anyway. But, I think it is important to stress that people holding only a few coins should not expect to mine lots (either Nxt or PPC). It seems to me one of the biggest frustrations with PPC is people expecting more “interest” and so maybe it is good to make it clear that POS is primarily a mechanism for reducing energy waste during confirmations, rather than a mechanism to get rich.

I agree that Nxt is competition, and not because it is better than PPC (it isn’t) but because marketing and understanding (or lack of it) will play a huge role in which coins survive, and the Nxt advocates seem pretty aware of that. I also think it is unlikely that both Nxt and PPC could stay successful together long-term, since for both the key advantage is POS. So I agree that it is important to promote PPC over Nxt. It is not necessarily the better coin that will succeed because people don’t have infinite wisdom about these things. But of course we want the better coin to succeed!

Sounds like a plan to me. Won’t be easy to get objective people with knowledge of both coins. It took me weeks to get where I’m now and I’m only starting to understand what is going on with both coins. I think it requires someone who has been around for a while as I’m only scratching the surface which is already 10x more than the average person. Might do some local presentations to educate people.

Reading your reply, another advantage for Peercoin is the minting. I now understand that the chances of forging a block in NXT would be very low for average Joe with say 5000NXT (1 NXT=~US$0.05).

Still not sure about Peercoin. Have only heard about minting successes from people with 1000+ Peercoins. My unlocked Windows client is now running for 4 days and nothing seems to happen (8 peers, no PnP). It is unlocked for sure as I’ve checked the logs. But will persist on minting/forging and report when successful.