Let's not cannibalize other coins, like other PoS coins do now

Blackcoin (one of the new PoS coins) showed up with this invention, called “black hole”. It is multipool that mines coins and then sells them for BlackCoin on exchanges with intent to continuously pump the price. So, it cannibalizes other coins to push the price.
People are thrilled with this idea, and their multipools is growing by the day.

Other new PoS coins are following this trend, NXT, Mint and now ECC are starting their own multipools.

What is specific for all this coins is they can not be mined, at all. They are 100% PoS.
This fact combined with peoples obsession to mine coins resulted in this cannibalism.

I hope this community will not follow this trend.

I wouldn’t be to worried about it

  1. Peercoins can be mined
  2. If people want to buy fiat, PoS coins or gold with mining other coins, I don’t see a problem.
    they could always do that through exchanges, It only has been made a bit easier for PoS coins, you can wait for the other items I mentioned to show up soon.