Let's compile a list of full nodes on Tor network

Privacy concerned users might appreciate this. As of Peerbox 0.5.4 it is quite easy to get full node on Tor network.
After installing Peerbox (https://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=4468.0) just do the following:

peerbox -tor

Now check your nodes .onion address and post it bellow:

peerbox -onion

After list is compiled, users can simply addnode=*.onion and get connected quickly.
Having a seed node for Tor might me the next step.

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Onion address


Add the following to ppcoin.conf


Hi! My node’s address: porki5fdv5mthuwe.onion

Here’s another one: e6ppafxgkds27hlp.onion


are those still online?
anyone has a recent one that is online?