Lamassu ATM open source - looking for developer to make this happen

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Lamassu released the open source version of their admin last month. Developers are now able to start building plugins for it.

Here’s a link to their Github project page:

Developers are invited to contact Lamassu team to start working on a Peercoin plugin for their admin, in collaboration.



In case people missed this. I will explain a bit better. Lamassu is one of the key players in Bitcoin ATMs. There are already many out there. They have now opened up their software so other coins beside Bitcoin can be obtained. Therefore we need to make a Peercoin specific plugin. The link to their repo is in my previous post.

I think this is almost a must do for us as other coins will be on this for sure. It is also a great marketing opportunity.
Please let us know if you are already working on this or interested to work on this so we can combine efforts. If someone is interested I’m happy to make the effort to raise some funds on peer4commit.

I’m definitely interested, just trying to figure out what is required, and how to move forward with starting on an integration.

Thanks for looking into this, Ben. I had a look myself, but couldn’t figure it out not being a developer. Please let me know if I or others can support this by other means.

Can you tldr what is it for?

Does it mean if we are to make ppc plugin it can go into the exisiting lamassu machines?

Yes! This would be awesome. ATMs are a major step for a coin establishment

[quote=“romerun, post:5, topic:2443”]Can you tldr what is it for?

Does it mean if we are to make ppc plugin it can go into the exisiting lamassu machines?[/quote]
Yes, it can. It only depends on the owner whether they add PPC to it. We might have to swarm a few Lamassu owners in the future when we manage to get this plugin developed.

I had some plans for setting up a PPC ATM, but I abandoned it partly because of this kind of competition. Spending peercoins on a bounty for plugin to L. device sound like a very good idea.

I’m good to set something up, but I have no idea of the effort. Ben is looking into that. Once we have a bit of a sense we can add the project to and see if we can get a decent bounty together for well-documented code.